The City of Scobey, located in the northeastern corner of Montana is the largest city, 2010 census was 1,017, and is the county seat of Daniels County. It is 14 miles south of the Canadian Border and 125 miles west of Williston, North Dakota. Scobey was incorporated in 1913 and is still going strong. Scobey offers a variety of services, shopping, organizations and opportunities.


The first written record of the white man to the area was by Captain Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition on May 3, 1805 as they traveled up the Poplar River. This account stated they came across a diverse variety of animals including bear, elk and bighorn sheep. Because of this, fur trapping and trading were the first businesses in the area.

Settlers began moving into the area around the turn of the century, and many of the present residents are descendants of those early homesteaders. A settlement was formed along the Poplar River, a vision of Mansfield Daniels, for whom the county was named in 1920. In those early years the original town site consisted of a post office, general store, hotel, blacksmith shop, livery stable, saloon and other small businesses. In 1913, due to the end of the line of the Great Northern Railroad coming from neighboring Plentywood, the town site was moved from the river bottom 1.5 miles to the current area of Scobey, which was named for Daniels friend Major Charles Scobey.

The homesteaders turned much of the area into fields. Agriculture and cattle are still the main industries to this day. Scobey was the largest primary wheat market and the largest single primary wheat loading center in North American from 1924 through 1926.
Scobey has some colorful history including early-day outlaws who traveled the infamous Outlaw Trail that crossed into Canada, a former hotel and house of pleasure known as One-eyed Molly’s, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and now houses the Daniels County Courthouse, and during prohibition illegal stills and moonshine whiskey were in abundance.


Scobey is a tight-knit community with an abundance of people ready to volunteer or contribute to a project for children and adults alike. Thanks to the generosity and efforts of the community there is a new pool in Roseland Park. A recent fundraiser provided new lighting at our Plainsmen Field, which is home to the Scobey Spartans football team. The generous and thoughtful citizens are always ready to lend a hand to someone in need or to ‘pitch-in’ with a celebration.


Sports are a big part of the way of life in Scobey. There is a baseball complex consisting of a little league field and a legion field with lights. Scobey hosts an annual co-ed softball tournament giving adults a chance to enjoy the field as well. A 9-hole golf course features some of the finest grass greens in northeastern Montana. The clubhouse offers lunch as well as a bar for refreshments; indoor activities include a racquetball court. Some other entertainment Scobey offers include a 6-lane bowling alley, recently upgraded movie theater, eating establishments offering a variety of fare and fully licensed bars, which hold numerous events throughout the year. Scobey offers churches for worship and religious activities.

Scobey Schools offer classes K-12 with a wonderful staff and teachers to ensure success for students. Many extracurricular clubs and activities bring a variety of opportunities to the youth. With an expanded and renovated complex offering two gymnasiums, basketball and volleyball are popular winter sports. The complex also has an indoor walking/running track and weight room facilities for the community to use.


At 2,400 feet above sea level and 4 distinct seasons, Scobey offers year around activities both indoors and out including Pioneer Days at Pioneer Town, the Daniels County Fair in the summer, snowmobile races in the winter, and an abundance of hunting and fishing opportunities drawing outdoor sportsmen from near and far.

Additional Information

For information on city services and upcoming events, feel free to stop by City Hall at 708 1st Avenue West (P.O. Box 68), by calling 406-487-5581, or email.