Zoning Commission/Planning Board
The Zoning Commission/Planning Board provides the citizens of The City of Scobey with information regarding zoning regulations and ordinances. The commission also provides assistance in the areas of land use questions, long-range planning and development, as well as code enforcement. 

Zoning permits are required for new construction, additions, decks, fences, sheds and accessory structures. Permits are available at City Hall or may be downloaded below. 

The Zoning Commission/Planning Board meets, when business necessitates, the second Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM in the Council Chamber at City Hall. 

All Zoning Permit  Applications must be submitted by the Friday prior to said meeting. Zoning Permit Application cannot be approved without Board Approval. 

No project shall be started without a Board approved Permit. 

Zoning Permit Application

Zoning Documents

Code Enforcement
The Mission of Code Enforcement is to serve the citizens of the City of Scobey by encouraging voluntary compliance with all adopted City codes while building cooperative partnerships throughout our community and enforcing the law in an equitable and impartial manner. 

Some of the main goals are to ensure protection of private property owner's investment, promote public safety and welfare, and enhancement of the quality of life, and the appearance in our neighborhoods. 

Residents of the City of Scobey can take an active role in maintaining and improving the quality and condition of properties in their neighborhood by following the Zoning Ordinance. Linked above.