Notice of Public Hearing

The City Council will hold a hearing on 
September 17th 2019 at 8:30 am at 
The Nemont Friendship Room, 720 2nd Ave West, Scobey

The City Council will hear statements in support of and objection to the adoption of  Resolutions:
          -No. 997. Special Lighting Improvement District #18
          -No. 998. Street Maintenance District No. 97
          -No. 999. Permissive Medical Levy

The City Council will also, at this time, be accepting oral and written testimony for and against any part of the proposed budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020. This preliminary budget may be examined on weekdays at City Hall, between the hours of 
8:00am - 5:00pm.

In response to the recent concerns about the water quality in Scobey voiced in the community and on social media, Great West Engineering, Inc. has released the following statement:

The cast iron water mains are to blame for the elevated levels of iron and manganese being 1,020% higher that the "Secondary Drinking Water Regulations" standards. The iron and manganese levels will be greatly reduced when the cast iron water mains are replaced, which is the scope of the upcoming water main improvements project. Although iron in water can be toxic at high dosages, a person cannot drink enough water to consume toxic levels of iron because our bodies cannot handle that much water at one time- unless someone has the very rare disease called Hemchromatosis. Someone with this disease should be drinking bottled water anyway. High iron levels will make the water taste bad (as you all know) and it damages household appliances, but will not adversely affect the health of the large majority of residents. Manganese has a similar story. The health effects are fairly minimal unless there is long term (decades) of exposure at that level. Again, when the cast iron water mains are replaced the manganese levels will be substantially lower, close the Secondary Regulation level. 

 Located on 20 acres just west of Scobey, Montana, is the Daniels County Museum and Pioneer Town. Thirty-five historic buildings have been restored to depict a town in the early 1900's.